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Bérangère Céramiques - Large jar with mini houses

Large jar in porcelain, thrown on the potter’s wheel and decorated with miniature houses on the lid to lift it. Contains about 1L, and is perfect to store anything. It is glazed inside only, the outside is sanded after single-firing to obtain a very smooth surface. It is dishwasher proof but I recommend hand-wash. 

Dimensions - 12cm H ex houses 15cm H inc. houses. 12cm diam. top 15cm diam. bottom.

Guided by the pleasure of creating beautiful objects for everyday usage, I design and make functional and unique porcelain pieces as well as a line of decorative objects on the theme of houses. Some of the ceramic houses are photographed and the photos used to create image transfers that are applied on some porcelain pieces. Other pieces are decorated with a subtle row of houses in relief. Some are left with no decoration, leaving the porcelain stand out.

The work around the theme of houses is mostly made with black stoneware clay, and reflects both the sense of connection we feel for our home and land, but of curiosity for unknown places and countries. A house is a place that is dear to all and each individual will transform and adapt the space to claim ownership, to make it ‘hygge’, as described so accurately by the Scandinavians. The home is a reflection of oneself.

Price: £110.00

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