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Heyland & Whittle gift box.

Each gift box contains;

Room mist (13ml)  - in the fragrance of choice

A mini diffuser (50ml) - in the fragrance of choice

A votive candle (35g) - in the fragrance of choice

Sweet Pea & Rose- Sweet Pea & Rose, a heady blend of Summer flowers in bloom, is one of our favourite floral fragrances.

Clementine & Prosecco - Clementine & Prosecco is a sparkling blend of zesty, sweet Clementine's with a splash of sparkling bubbles. A great gift for those looking to celebrate!

Earl Grey - Earl Grey is a classic fragrance blend, delicate and citrusy. Evocative of when the clock strikes three and it's time for tea.

Sleep Easy - Lavender - The Sleep Easy Gift Box is the perfect gift for sleepy heads! The Sleep Easy fragrance is a calming and relaxing blend of Lavender and Chamomile.    

Price: £19.99

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