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Heyland & Whittle Reed diffusers

100ml Reed diffusers

A stylish way to fragrance the  home -  round the clock with no effort required.  Our Reed Diffusers are so simple to use and will last up to 3 months once opened.  Immerse the rattan reeds in the bottle and the fragrance will be drawn up to scent the room.  Each comes beautifully boxed. 

Sweet Pea & Rose - Heavenly fragrant - this perfume is the sweet, heady scent of Summer in bloom

Clementine & Prosecco - This fragrance is light and sweet, fruity and sparkling - definitely a cause for celebrations!

Olive & Fig - Peppery and honey sweet, this fragrance is a delicious reminder of the fruits of the Mediterranean. 

Chef's friend - This fresh and clean blend of freshly cut Lemongrass with a twist of Lime with odour neutraliser, cuts through those unsavoury cooking smells and foodie faux-pas. 

Pet lovers - This fresh and energising blend of Bergamot and FerReed Diffusersn is bright and breezy, like a brisk walk across the heath. Great for those who love their pets but not their 'eau de pet'!  

Sleep easy - This calming and relaxing blend of Lavender and Chamomile is just the ticket for those counting on a good night's sleep. Definitely not recommended for night owls! 

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