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Heyland & Whittle Soap brick

These soap bars gently cleanse with a good lather and naturally moisturise all skin types. They are paraben and sulphate free.

Our collection of handmade cold-processed soaps are made with only the purest ingredients, including essential oils, herbs and spices with natural colouring such as Madder Root, Walnut leaves, Nettle leaves and Turmeric - our unique Heyland & Whittle recipe!

- Hemp & Walnut. With Hemp Oil, Patchouli, Lemongrass and exfoliating Walnut leaves is moisturising and healing - delivering the finest bathing and shaving experience.

- Herbal Mint. A revitalising soap made with garden-fresh Mint and Rosemary essential oils promises a vibrant start to the day.  Suits all skin types.

- English Lavender. This relaxing and calming soap made with fragrant Lavender oil is perfect for sleepy heads. Suits all skin types.

- Shampoo. A luxurious blend of Olive Oil and natural ingredients creates a good lather to nourish and cleanse hair and scalp.

- Gardners. This exfoliating and naturally moisturising soap, made with a hearty blend of Oatmeal, Poppy Seeds and spices, will  revive hardworking hands and clean green fingers. Suits all skin types.

- Citrus Grove. This refreshingly zingy blend of Olive, Coconut and Citrus essential oils promises an energetic wake-up call.  Suits normal to oily skin types.

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