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Lou Gardiner Silk Scarves - Scarf Of Empowerment

Scarf Of Empowerment. (Gift Boxes sold separately) 

Dimensions 137cm square.

This silk scarf derives from #thecapeofempowerment commission I completed in 2018 for PUKKA herbs. The Cape of Empowerment was a full length highly embellished and embroidered cape that I created celebrating our connection to Mother Nature, creativity and the power of the feminine.

This scarf developed from a high resolution photograph of the cape on which a flowing design of natural plants and herbs were depicted.  An elaborate and fun artwork depicting Pomegranate, Raspberry Leaf, Shatavari Root and Fennel, just 4 of the 20 ingredients this project celebrated.  

Extremely light, warm and luxurious to wear, these designs are rich in detail and colour deriving from my embroidered artworks.  Silk adapts to your body heat so they are great to wear all year round and brilliant for travel.  

All Crepe De Chine silk scarves are printed and hemmed locally.

Colour Disclaimer

Because we produce our beautiful silk scarves in bespoke small batches, and due to differences in colour displays on computer screens, some colours may slightly vary.

Price: £195.00

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