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Lynn Muir - Jumpers and Frocks

Lynn Muir was trained as an illustrator at Colchester School of Art and the first part of her career was spent as a designer of theatre and retail props. This was where she first started to use wood and in 1986 she established her workshop. She uses saws and sanders to carve the figures. Each piece evolves in the making, sometimes ideas are found in the wood itself. She received the "Toymaker of the Year" award in 1994 and is on the Crafts Council selected list of makers.

Lynn mainly uses drift wood which she collects from the local beaches to make her wooden figures. She lets the shape and form suggest figurative forms to her and then works on it with machine saws, powered sander wheels and hand tools. She then illustrates the shaped wood with paint and pen. Lyn sells in the UK, USA, Germany and Japan.


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