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Sara Moorhouse - Small Yellow Bowl

The development of Sara Moorhouse’s work into ceramics, colour and spatial perception began with a Masters degree at Cardiff in 2003. Her work explores the ways in which spaces within landscape appear altered depending on the ever-changing colours of season, weather, time and farming. Sara makes vessels with vivid colours and linear decoration. Having always been interested in landscapes, a tutor suggested she translate her interest in colour, texture and light onto bowls. She began using the bowls as metaphorical landscapes, using lines of colour in different thicknesses to convey physical features, evoking feelings experienced by her when studying the landscape.

Her ‘Storm Series’ based on studies of the Black Mountains, in vivid, strong colours included her interpretations of heavy dark clouds against brilliant sunlight. The manipulation of line and pure colour are key themes in her work. She plays colours off each other to create an intensity of feeling, emulating David Hockney’s paintings by using colour to draw the viewer physically into the vessel.

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