• Catching the Light - new exhibition

    Posted on 30 Jan 2014 by Dorothy Wightman | 0 comments

    London Glassblowers to exhibit in Cumbria

    Some of the UK's most renowned artists are set to feature in one a one-off exhibition named ‘Catching the Light’ to be held at Dorothy Wightman Interior Design.  The exhibition opens on 15th February to 28th March 2014.

    Catching the Light showcases select contemporary works that catch and reflect the light in the dark and gloomy days of winter.  The exhibition includes a fine selection of translucent and opaque glass in a variety of colours and shapes; paintings where the skilful application of the oils traps the light and jewellery worked in glittering precious metals and translucent stones.

    The exhibition is a coup for the Gallery and the local area as it features work from a group of artists whose work would rarely be seen out of London and the big urban centres;  most notably Louis Thompson, the main contributor to the exhibition and one of the most exciting and sought after glass artists working in Britain today.

    Thompson graduated in glass design in 1988 and has taught extensively at universities in the UK and USA.    A leading figure in cutting edge design and creative solutions in hot glass in 2012, he won the prestigious Jerwood Maker’s prize as well as Best in Show at the 2012 Glass Biennale.  In addition to his own pieces, Thompson has selected the work of up and coming young makers to be included in the exhibition who are building exciting profiles in the world of glass, including Sarah Wiberley, Liam Reeves and Hanne Enemark.

    The exhibition also includes paintings by Serena Rowe.   Serena has won numerous awards including The Royal Glasgow Institute of Fine Arts exhibition award.  Serena's work has been illustrated in many publications and her work is collected privately worldwide, including by HRH Prince of Wales.

    Catching the Light showcases the jewellery of Daphne Krinos and Misun Won.  Daphne is a well established and recognised designer in precious metals and translucent gemstones often cut with unusual shapes. The majority of her pieces are one-offs.  Misun Won a South Korean who completed her training in this country.  Her work is intricately made up of sequin like gold and silver pieces with the occasional touch of Korean braid.