• Quick updates to instantly freshen a room in time for Spring

    Posted on 24 Feb 2014 by Dorothy Wightman | 0 comments

    The British weather has been terrible recently, so we thought we’d spread a little sunshine with a blog to get us ready for Spring – it will be here before we know it! Spring is a time for a traditional ‘Spring Clean’ but what can you do to freshen up for interiors aside from the elbow grease? Here are our top tips for a spring time make over…

    Add some colour:

    There are some really simple things you can do to a room to give it a fresh new look and one of these is simply adding some colour. Perhaps pick a new accent colour for a room (get some 2014 colour inspiration on our Pinterest board here) zesty and citrus colours are great to add impact and a splash of colour this season. This can be done with some new cushions in a contrasting colour to your couch, some new accessories replacing old or tired ornaments, even changing a lampshade and replacing a 40w bulb for a 60w can have a dramatic effect.

    A fresh coat of paint:

    When thinking about your colour scheme, think about your walls and if the colour can be added to walls instead of through accessories? We’re not saying paint your living room wall yellow, but even just an annual freshen up can revitalise dull walls or alcoves. Feature walls are fantastic, so even if you chose to only paint one wall for dramatic effect go for it. However, make sure it’s not too ‘in your face’ and you can live with it in winter, that it complements the rest of your room and works with your existing or new accessories.

    Add plants:

    We love plants, whether they are big or small, real or artificial. Houseplants freshen and filter the air in your home. Plus the green brings life to rooms that have been bundled up for months. Try ferns, orchids, philodendron, or palms, which are easy to look after, but instantly add a bit of spring time freshness to your home.

    And who doesn’t love flowers – so adding a bit of instant ‘flower power’ to a room can also add colour and a statement. If you don’t have a lovely chap (or lady) to buy you flowers, fill your home with beautiful spring time favourites such as daffodils, tulips or hydrangeas. Use unusual pots and planters, such as oversized teacups, bowls, jam jars or painted rustic terracotta pots which will add drama and a sense of fun.

    Update fabrics:

    Many of us will have thick and heavy winter curtains up, with thicker duvets and bedspreads to keep us cosy during the winter, but over the next month or so it is a great time to take those curtains down and replace with something light, airy and more seasonal. Using fabrics such as cottons, chiffons or lace as opposed to wool, velvet or tweed can work really well. Even just adding a lighter, brighter colour of fabric can transform a room. The same goes for cushions, bedding and even towels – adding these principles can have a great effect!

    Get moving:

    Sometimes you don’t even need to buy anything new or do much to enhance a room. Once you’ve finished your spring clean (and with this option you will probably need to get the duster out) simply moving existing pieces of furniture round can instantly update your décor. Moving pictures, candles and ornaments around as well as furniture can sometimes just be enough to make you feel ready for spring and give you a fresh start with your interiors.

    For more inspiration find us on Pinterst and try out some of our suggestions and ideas.