• Colour Inspirations

    Posted on 01 Aug 2014 by Dorothy Wightman | 0 comments

    Colour can have a huge influence on the world around us, such as branding, packaging, choosing an outfit or even influencing our mood. Equally using the right colours in your home is just as important. Colour can give each room its own identity and complete a look.

    Colour can be introduced into your home through choosing a colour scheme and then working with this theme to achieve your desired look. Once you have selected your theme colours you may then want to consider how to complete the room by accessorising it. This may be through choosing complimenting curtain fabrics and cushions or even furniture, lamps and other decorative pieces.

    If the thought of colour frightens you there are other ways to add colour into your home. Combining neutral tones with subtle hints of brighter colours is one way to add colour to a room. Another option is to create a feature wall, which can be painted in a vibrant or tonal shade, or even wallpapered with a patterned print to add texture and colour as well as being a feature point.
    Accessorising is an effective and quick way to instantly update your room with flashes of colour. This can be achieved by brightening up existing furniture with colourful throws that may just have a subtle splash of colour or an all over pattern. Mix matching different fabrics and colours is another way to bring colour into a room and for optimum results warm tones can be mixed with cooler accents.

    Lighting is also an excellent way to add colour in the home; from the style of lighting fixtures you have to the type of light shade you pick. Lighting can work well and instantly brighten up a room. Introducing a variety of surface materials into a room such as textured, glossy and matte surfaces is a fun way to add more neutral colour tones, especially as glass surfaces can reflect other colourful pieces already in the room.

    Colour is a very personal and individual thing; what one person may like another may loathe! When you are using colour in your home follow a simple theme that fits in with your taste and the style of your home by either adding lots of bright colours, mixing neutral tones together or simply using accessories to bring brighter tones into your rooms. Whatever you decide to do make sure you have fun along the way!