• Seasonal Interior Inspirations

    Posted on 02 Dec 2014 by Dorothy Wightman | 0 comments

    Similar to how fashion designers influence what we wear each season, the same notion is used within interior design. Seasonal trends, colours and textures are interpreted by designers and are turned into inspirational interior trends for your home.

    As we all know there are four seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter; for each one these seasons a new palette of inspiration is created. Typically we associate those cooler autumn winter months with cozy interiors, full of warm throws, candles and wood burning stoves. The same theory applies during the spring and summer months, where we see brighter shades of colour, lighter linen fabrics and summery patterns that reflect the season.

    Within your home interior you don’t need to adopt an entire seasonal trend you can take ideas and incorporate them into existing rooms to simply update the style. The lovely thing about interior trends is the ability to pick and chose the elements you like and adopt them into your home.

    At Dorothy Wightman Interiors we love receiving new inspiration each season from the different designers we work with such as Mulberry and Rubelli. It is great to see the new and modern influences coming through as well as the more traditional interior ideas. Take a look at our Pinterest board for some more seasonal design inspiration.