• Glasgow & Edinburgh School of Art exhibtion

    Posted on 13 Aug 2013 by Dorothy Wightman | 0 comments

    We are delighted to announce another exhibition at the Dorothy Wightman interior design studio and gallery. The exhibition is created by recent graduates of Jewellery and Silversmith from Edinburgh and Glasgow Schools of Art. The exhibition includes some beautiful pieces of Jewellery from some of the UK’s up and coming designers. See below for some information on the graduates and what inspires them;

    Nabla Pall: Nabla grew up in the Far and Middle East, which exposed her to a variety of cultures and the many vivid imagery and colours have stayed with her. Line, pattern, material and simple colours are all attributes that inspire her own original ideas. She works primarily in resin taking inspiration from everyday life.

    Heather Woof: In this exhibition Heather is heavily influenced by her drawing process. The wandering line, repetitive pattern and chance shape from her sketches and doodles transform into pieces of jewellery. She works with both silver sheet and wire which she oxidises to give an inky blackness. Heather uses the technique of fusing to create intricate patterns and textures in silver and gold.

    Cristina Zani: Cristina lives locally to the Dorothy Wightman Interiors gallery. Her fascination with literature, semiotics, travel, architecture, colours, textures and materials underpins her work. One series of work named ‘My Seoul’ is inspired by the contracting architecture of the city of Seoul and ‘Infinite maps’ stems form the aerial observation of cities and her fascination with maps.

    Ailsa Ritchie: Ailsa Ritchie is a recent graduate of Glasgow School of Art. Her work is based on beetles and perceptions of them as creepy and unsettling. She is trying to cast these misunderstood creatures in a new light through her work, using repetition and bold outlines. She used industrial enamel techniques to transfer her fluid drawing style directly onto metal.

    Emma Stirling: Since graduating from the Glasgow School of Art in 2013, Emma has shown work nationally and is now taking up a residency at the College. Emma’s work takes inspiration from beauty in decay and the texture and colour in lichen. Drawing and photography is integral to her design process, resulting in an organic and natural feel to the work. Emma’s work makes use of varied techniques, such as fuming patination and leather work to create pieces that have an element of changeability in colour and texture.

    The event opened on 1st August and will run until 13th September, so you need to be quick!