• How to create a focal point in a room

    Posted on 10 Oct 2013 by Dorothy Wightman | 0 comments

    Adding a focal point is one of the greatest ways to capture the essence of a room. The focal point is the area that demands complete attention as soon as someone enters, an element in the room around which the furniture will revolve.

    The focal point of a room can be a positive thing, such as a fabulous fireplace or view, or it can be a negative thing that is noticed, such as a large blank wall. Creating a fabulous focal point is a great way to reenergize a space and take the focus off of the less attractive features of a room.

    Identify an existing focal point

    The easiest way to create a focal point in a room is to identify an existing one, accentuating a strong element within the space. Windows make a fantastic focal point, as our eyes are always drawn to natural light. A fireplace also makes an excellent focal point, especially since people usually furniture arrange furniture around this, as does a strong architectural detail, such as an exposed brick wall or beautiful high ceiling.

    Create your own focal point

    Creating a focal point doesn’t have to be very difficult or expensive to do. Adding a feature wall can be an excellent way to instantly create a focal point in your space. If the windows are small or unattractive, cover with boldly printed curtains that will act as a feature in your space. A statement piece of furniture can make an excellent focal point in a room; anything from shelving, large pieces of art and mirrors on a large wall.

    What next?

    Once a focal point has been established, the furnishings should be arranged in a fashion where, when sitting in this room, your eyes naturally and comfortably fall upon this part of the room.


    Here are our favourite examples of what you can use to create a focal point:

    Statement Furniture Invest in a piece of furniture which really creates an impact. Think bold, bright colours and wacky patterns. Place this piece by the largest wall, then arrange the rest of your seating around it.

    Lighting A huge floor lamp is a chic & modern way to create unity in a room. Place the lamp so that it hangs over the area you want to draw attention to, such as a piece of statement furniture.

    Feature Wall A cheap & easy way to ensure there is visual cohesion in your room. With a simple lick of paint you can create a focal area, using interesting patterns, exciting wallpaper, or just a plain block colour.

    Artwork Build your room around a piece of art; pick the key colours and themes from your piece and use them elsewhere in the room with cushions, coasters, etc, to create unity and balance in your room.

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